WordPress Maintenance

Proactive WordPress maintenance

Managed updates

Weekly, manual updates of WordPress, plugins and themes ensure stability and strength security

Proactive Security

WordPress security is a headache, so regular scans, audits and firewalls are always necessary

Uptime monitoring

Downtime is always a problem, so knowing when your website is down helps to solve the problem

Daily backups

Frequent, offsite and reliable backups are essential for a disaster recovery plan that will work

Maleware removal

Regular malware scans can help identify any security issues before they become a serious problem


Sometimes things break or you just want small fixes made to your site where I can take care for you


Website audits

Having an expert regularly looking at your site, issues and ways to improve your site can be identified


Complete performance optimization, caching techniques, minify, code reviews, and image optimization

Small tasks

Any development, customization or configuration task that will take up to 30 minutes to be completed

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Companies i work with

Well established, long term relationships

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